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High Quality Rug Grippers Made out of Silicon (4 Pcs)

Multicolored Diamond Pattern Kitchen Mat (Anti-Slip) For Sale Hate it when you rugs, carpets and mats slip and slide? This is the perfect solution to this problem. Use these silicon rug...
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Floor stickers - Irregular Geometric Patterns (10 pcs)

Buy Floor Stickers with Irregular Geometric Patterns at Lowest Price Interested in making a difference to your space, but short on time? These floor stickers are a great solution. Easy...

Rugs Accessories for Sale

It's not about just buying runners and rugs for your home. Some rug accessories not only help you to take care of your rugs properly but help you to keep them in a place for a neat and tidy look. For instance, rug grippers help to prevent any slipping or sliding. It protects you from any accident or fall and keeps you safe.

The rubber grippers are washable and reusable. You can easily wash them if they get dirty and use them again without any mess.  This accessory is a must have for you in case you have children or elderly people in the home to make sure they are not at the risk of falling.

Besides that, our rugs accessories collection has some beautiful and elegant floor stickers for you. These irregular geometric patterned floor stickers are a quick yet easy solution for you if you want to clean up a corner of your house and have a limited budget or not much time. 

These stickers are really easy to use and a convenient option. All you have to do is to buy the stickers of your choice from hundreds of designs. Then peel them off and apply to your floor, that's it. 

You can use these floor stickers anywhere in your house whether it be your bedroom, living room or kitchen. They are available in hexagon or square shape. You can get any color, size or shape according to your own taste. The bright sizzling colors are quite enough to add a vibrant look to your house.

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